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Jose Molina

Engaging the special challenges of international sales of petrofield equipment, Jose Moli-na brings both breadth and depth of experience to the company. He is intimately familiar with Mexico, Central America, South America, and other world markets. He is charged with serving new international customers and identifying new international markets for petrofield equipment.


Ricardo Molina

Ricardo Molina, Chaparral’s bilingual, bicultural, and binational Sales Engineer, enacts many roles with and for the firm. Ricardo has been involved with heavy equipment oper-ations and sales both domestically and internationally. His experiential background in-cludes intensive “hands on” work in the heavy equipment field which he entered as a youth.


Peak CDU

Land Farming, Bioremediation, Microbes, Soil Cleansing, Drill Cuttings Disposal, Sustainable Drilling, Green Drilling, Solidification, Drill Mud Disposal, GeoZorb, Drylet, or Cuttings Transport

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Peak-CDU - Drilling Waste Remediation-blending, bioremediation

Drylet MB Bioremediation is a patent pending dry embryonic product that delivers organic matter consuming microbes in a dry form that adheres to contamination such as oil, gasoline, and diesel fuel.
DryLet MB Bioremediation is a non-toxic, non-pathogenic blend of naturally occurring microbes that is not harmful to the environment. This unique patent pending product was tested by Louisiana State University and was shown to be among the most effective bioremediation products available.
DryLet MB Bioremediation has a significantly higher microbe counts than other bioremediation products resulting as much as 50% savings per treatment.

Chaparral Petrofield is proud to offer the Peak- CDU, Cuttings Disposal Unit. A specially engineered machine used to blend super absorbent agents and microbes with drill cuttings and/or drill mud, ultimately resulting in soil that can be left behind on the drill site.

The precision control system monitors and automatically adjusts the absorber dosing rates to achieve optimal consistency. The Peak- CDU is winterized, skid mounted and fully automated.

The Peak- CDU has rugged construction and all systems are from one manufacturer. Fully supported by manufacturer’s warranty.

Think of the process as Turbo-Charged land farming. Bioremediation is accomplished using drying agents, microbes (for salts and chlorides) and applies to both oil and water based muds. Soil can be made of drill cuttings in as few as six weeks! We engineer a bioremediation solution to fit your cuttings’ profiles.

Trucking costs are eliminated when you can leave bioremediated drill cuttings on-site.

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